Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokemon GO, Summertime Fun, and Your Classroom

So it has happened. The stores have put out the back-to-school supplies. Yeah, summer is fleeting, and we'll be back to Pinterest and the copy machines soon enough.

Or will we??

Farbeit for me to run your life, but I feel the need to point out something very crucial to your success this upcoming school year.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what a typical summer day looks like right now for a child between the ages of 6 to 36...

They are canvasing their neighborhoods... looking for Rhydon and MewTew and Pikachu, all the while engaging digitally with friends far and wide.

They are busy learning new tricks on their skateboards...practicing over and over until they are just right.

They are attending summer camps...and experiencing wilderness biomes and  museums of natural history and coal mines and city landmarks rich with culture.

They are meeting up with cousins and uncles and grandmas...and hearing stories of outhouses and The Great Depression and encounters with fierce creatures.

They are visiting their local libraries...and making their own tie-dye T-shirts and balloon animals and getting lost in fantastical worlds of dragons and fairies and shining armor.

They are...well, they are doing it all and learning what life and family and exploration have to offer.

And come August...these same kids will enter your classroom and all of that mystery and excitement and adventure will come to a crashing halt.

All at the expense of a worksheet or an assessment or a lecture or a novel study guide that is not novel at all.

So do not be surprised this August when Johnny or Susie seem less than excited to do a reader's response or sit through three days of MAP testing.

Remember, just a bit earlier, they were putting the finishing touches on a YouTube video that was sure to go viral or posting Sphere Photos of downtown New York City on Google Street View.

Think about this as you are awaiting your students next month:

Are you offering them the world...or are you taking theirs away from them?


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