EdTech Maniac Darin Anderson

Back in '82, when I was 14 years old, I remember sitting in my school library during lunch playing "Lemonade Stand" on an old Apple 2 computer. Anybody else remember that game? Or Oregon Trail? Ahhh, those were the good ol' days.

Fast forward to 1993. There was an episode of the X Files where, at the end of the show, the camera slowly zoomed in a computer screen that was displaying a message - all on its own. I remember saying to my friend, "There's no way that could happen! It's crazy!"

Now skip ahead to 2013.   Need I say more? 

Hello. My name is Darin Anderson, and I am an Edtech Maniac. I am in my 15th year in education. My main experience is with teaching secondary Language Arts and Physical Education to eager country kids. Currently, I work as an instructional coach teaching the wonders of Ed Tech to teachers and students alike.

My friend and colleague, Blair Einfeldt, and I started this Website to show others how we integrate technology into educational settings, everyday. Our goal is to do less introduction and more application. When we find a new app, program, or idea, we will show you how we use it - in the classroom - to get real results from students.

Please check back with us often for ideas and angles that you may not have recognized before. And please give us your feedback and results from the "trenches" of the classroom. Thanks, and join the mania!


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