Monday, May 11, 2015

Show Me the CCSS Part III: Tellagami for You, Sir!

In 1975, the fine ladies and gentlemen of Monty Python brought us what is perhaps the greatest movie of all time, at least in terms of famous lines repeated at parties and in thousands of classrooms across the country.

At least that is how it was at my high school back in 1990, where classmates and I just happened to watch "The Holy Grail," oh, about 11 times over 4 school days. And when we weren't laughing at its antics, we were busy replaying it scene by scene with the lines we memorized. It was good for raucous laughter and for impressing the girls (well, one out of two weren't bad, as it turned out.)

But I digress...

One of the singularly best lines in the movie was from the scene where Lancelot's concord gets pierced by an arrow and quickly announces, "Message for you, Sir." (Watch it below and tell me you did not laugh.)

What if we could receive similar kinds of messages - only without the flesh wounds from flying arrows - from our students?

So much of the CCSS is about giving students more opportunities to explain their thinking and reasoning. Indeed, the "CCSS Shifts" ask students of all ages and abilities to go beyond simple recall and expand their horizons to include deeper DOK-level activities. However, as students are introduced to any given concept, there is always a certain period of time where learning cannot continue until the basics are mastered.

And what of mastery? As goes this series of CCSS articles, there are creative, quick, and unobtrusive, ways to have students show their teachers what they know. Here is another such example that students of all ages will love.

Oh, I could tell you how this works...but let me turn it over to "Peter" so he can give you the lowdown.

Tellagami Features*:
Customizable characters and backgrounds
Text in 450 characters or :30 seconds of voice recording
Saves to device quickly and easily
Upload effortlessly to social media
*Note - some features are free and some require in-app purchases

Tellagami Ideas:
Tickets-out-the door
Short student presentations
Extended explanations with a series of videos strung together
Integrates perfectly with Aurasma and other AR programs
Easily embed Tellagami videos into teacher presentations

For Tellagami download information click here.

Also check out Tellagami EDU.

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