Monday, June 29, 2015

ISTE 2015 Notes and Takeaways

Here I am in Philadelphia at the annual ISTE Conference. Yup, just me and 20,000 of my closest friends from across the globe.

Honestly, there is entirely too much to take in especially given that I am flying solo on this trip.

To ensure that my #notatiste friends can take part in a small slice of the conference, I here provide a few of the nuggets of information and inspiration that I have gleaned from Sunday's pre-conference activities.

Take. Use. Enjoy.

Ignite #1 (notes are raw)

Twitter even at young agesLearn along with the world
What if they could show mastery in many ways?
What are the contents of their backpacks? Today compared to years past?iPads as mobile film making devices - use the camera, dang it!!!
Students can and should engage the worldCulture of CreationConsumption should lead to creationCreation requires influence. What is the influence we provide for kids?YouTube as a creation deviceAre all students expected to create using the same technology? Expand their toolboxes."I am making the future"Opportunities and Options
They did it all...because they could. They want a challenge. A challenge to do good.Teachers need more tech training. Their websites suck!Hacker 2.0Your students are hacking with or without you.Start a tech club
Students need to move in school.
Student voice
Be an exemplar of what mass sharing of products looks likeSing like you don't care who's listeningI want to start a YouTube channel!Monitor action on their own youtube channels
How can kids brand their own work? How can they advertise it? Hype it? How can they get their own message "out there" for all to see?How can teachers do the same?Live streaming of events, science projects, parent nights, etc.

Plan for the outcome, but be prepared for the journey :-)
Steer our kids away from the "race to erase" and create digital citizenship.What does our digital footprint say about us?

Stay tuned for more from #ISTE2015

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